The problem with the desk getting piled too high, is then I can’t find my check book to pay the $7,363.79 credit card bill that was due today!!!! No need to panic, I am not a spend-o-holic (yes I am) (be quiet!). My parents were in Mexico (on a medical mission on the Yucatan – remember that game Bella played in France? How would my dad end up with a post-it with Jesus Christ on his forehead???) so I bought their roundtrip tickets to Limoges, France as a favor to them. Problem is that Dad has already sent me the check to repay me for their tickets (generously paying for his granddaughter’s flight too) and I still don’t have enough in the old checking account.

Drat those third pair of Michael Kors shoes I couldn’t resist at Nordstrom Rack. But, I get paid in two days – that gives me enough time, right? I won’t have to dip in the savings account. Sheesh, I nearly had a heart attack when I opened the bill. That’s not true. It’s actually been sitting here for a week or so because I’ve been too afraid to open it. Trying to confront the thesis gave me enough courage to open my bills.
What is up with my Heckle and Jyde writing voice tonight? A long first week of work I suppose.

Now the desk is towering with bills, thesis drafts, overdue ILL books, unread book club books (the new one is interpreter of maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri) and I can’t find my check book. Which means I now have to use a new pack of checks – which will really mess me up next month.

So, up late paying bills. If I clean the desk I can get back to the thesis. A necessary first step.

I leave for Laughlin Saturday. All the other grownups ended up canceling (so typical of grownups – which now makes it impossible for me to cancel), so my friend with a boat said I could bring my kid and her best friend! We are going to wake-board it up all weekend long. And I suppose I will get back to the thesis next week…already two chapters behind schedule. sigh.

I just can’t believe that roundtrip tickets to Limoges were $1400 each. I remember going roundtrip to Europe for under $400 in college. Have I really become old enough for everything to seem outrageously expensive? A school lunch now costs $2.25 and milk is $.55. I remember milk being a nickel and lunch being $.35.

(Just in case you’re doing the math, that bill counts mine and Chad’s new mountain bikes. He paid me cash for his and I won the cash for mine in a bet with my sister last summer.)