which in turn promotes well-adjusted adults and world peace. I really believe that babies are meant to be held as much as they want all the time. I have even read that constantly holding a baby for first nine months outside the womb stimulates optimal brain development.

[Imagine photo here – I’m laughing, Bella’s asleep in the purple paisley sling with her head lolling back, and her arms stretched out in front of her.]

This is the first picture I have ever scanned to post. For all the months Bella lived in her sling, I sure don’t have many pictures to prove it. She was so darn cute as a baby, I may have to go on a scanning rampage.

Never mind, the scanning project was complete failure.

But here is a pic of Krista and the new baby Lily. Cute! I can feel my pupils dilating.

and six months later Lily is STILL LOVING THE SLING!!

[If you live in the hi-desert and would like to purchase a sling like the one pictured, call Soara (760) 228-3062.]