I am enjoying being home for Christmas – not the slightest twinge of longing for being elsewhere. The weather is gorgeous; Chad and I just got back from a 45-min run, the front door is open and Bella is dressed in her holiday green and red camisoles.

The Murdy clan will be over shortly for bagels with lox (even got capers and red onions – yum!) Bella was delighted with her Santa gift: a pink Bluetooth (1/2 price at amazon..) and her stocking stuff. We’ll open the rest when the last of the family drives in from Laguna Beach around noon.

My brother is still snoring away – the classic investment banker, perpetually deprived of sleep. Still, his wacky energy is entertaining to have around.

Yesterday we managed to get a crowd of Murdys and Lesters for a short hike in Joshua Tree National Park. Good conversation and catch-up time. As Helen Mirren says in The Queen, when we walk and talk there is a much greater possibility for good communication (or something along those lines).

Mmmmm. People all around – everybody’s feeling fine.