Tonight I justed wanted a chicken pot pie, quick and dirty. As I happened to have the remains of a chicken roast in the fridge, I fried up an onion, added a lot of chopped carrots, and then added a can of Campbell’s cream of potato soup and all the chicken diced. I put that all in a casserole and topped it with the kind of flakey biscuits that come in a tube. The whole thing was done in 40 minutes. And boy was it good.

Bella said it was the best chicken pot pie I had ever made.

Then she said, “and it’s healthy too, right Mom?”

When she saw me hesitate she said, “Just say it’s healthy quick, quick!”

I love that she still believes that if I say something that it makes it true.

[And here is the link to another post I wrote about making chicken pot pie from scratch.]