I first heard about Sprinkles cupcakes because some (trendy) body wanted to treat everybody at Chad’s work to a Sprinkles cupcake for his birthday. He let everybody choose their own deletable flavor online (be sure to scroll over the flavor so you can read the decadent description) and then picked them up and delivered them the next day. It’s like he gave everybody a birthday cake of his/her choice for his birthday!

Then we (me, Bella, and Dawkins – who else?) were at the mall and I was cruising the Paul Frank t-shirts. One of them said, ‘I’m more Sprinkle than you,” and I knew then, that I really, really wanted to know whether a Sprinkles cupcake was worth the hype.

So, I began planning my Beverly Hills day around getting some of these cupcakes. We got to Bruno and Soonie’s a tiny bit late, so Dawkins and I started off immediately after Nu decided to cut Bella’s hair first.

See, Bella got her hair layered.

Dawkins and I walked two blocks east of Rodeo and walked up to Little Santa Monica Blvd. We headed down the street (I was hobbling a little by that point – having chosen to wear my green suede penny loafer heels from Michael Kors) and walked right by a crowd of people before stopping in front of a very adorable brick storefront called Sprinkles.

I couldn’t get a great pic with my phone because of where the sun was.

Boy these guys really have the design thing going here: everything about this place is designed to be coveted – Dawkins and I snagged several “flavor” cards and bamboo forks just because they were all so darn cute.

And guess what – that crowd we passed? – the line for Sprinkles. That’s right we joined the rest of the Beverly Hills sheep and stood in line for 45 minutes to get our cupcakes. I even missed Damian Hirst’s butterfly-wing stained glass windows at the Gagosian for the cupcakes. But it was impossible to leave; every time the door swung open, heavenly baked smells wafted out – reminding us of mom and childhood birthday parties, only better.

And to make up for waiting so long, I decided to buy a full dozen cupcakes. What the hell, I figured, Share the cupcake happiness. I got two carrot cake, two red velvet, two vanilla milk chocolate, one coconut, one banana, two dark chocolate, and two mocha. Holy cow – do you see how faulty my reasoning is here? I get back at the company for making me wait by buying triple the number of cupcakes I originally intended on buying.

but it was worth it. Every person I saw in the next 48 hours got a cupcake. I can’t wait for an occasion to buy some more!