We have made some more wedding progress: Chad and I agreed upon an officiant, Dr. Inge Davidson of the Church of Cosmic Energy Exchange and she has agreed to perform our ceremony.

So now we begin thinking about the ceremony and the vows. I have attended very few weddings in my life, and Chad’s attended even fewer. Will we write our own vows? Will we use modified traditional vows? I have no idea.

Some thoughts/suggestions from other friends:

  • Make sure that Chad and I have time together alone before the ceremony – perhaps arrive at the site together.
  • Address each other at the ceremony.
  • Think about music (somebody playing guitar?), poetry, any readings or speeches we might want.
  • Keep it happy and fun.
  • Think about how we may (or may not) include Bella (this will depend on whether she wants to be included…)

And I will have to do some minor investigating to get a San Bernardino County marriage license in advance. I was cautioned that I will have to know the date of my divorce. (Nope, only need that info if the divorce was within the last year.)

Also, the majority of the invitations are ready to put in the post tomorrow. Getting the invitations together was a big step; as I told Chad, now I feel like the wedding is really going to happen.

And in anticipation of wedding questions, I have created a wedding information page (look for it at the top right-hand corner of this blog), and a new email address: jeannieandchad@gmail.com.