Well, normally I don’t use language like that on my blog but it’s the name of a blog I occasionally visit. The guy who writes it is a friend of Sue’s from her London days (sheesh, would be nice if we all had “London” days) and he is a major foodie.

He travels a lot and writes about everything that passes through his lips. He cooks a lot too. So, if you can get over the name, you might want to check it out.

His latest post (March24, 2007) is about Korean restaurant in London that serves a very traditional and special dish: neither he or I can remember what it is called, but it is a baby chicken stuffed with brown rice, persimmons, dates and pine nuts, served as a soup in a piping hot, stone bowl.

Speaking of food and blogs – Tiff over at her littlemissc.blogspot.com (canadian mum) made Maui Burgers for the first time and did a great job chronicling the whole process with photos.