Songbae, who was in the Peace Corps, sent me the following information about a volunteer position in Myanmar (Burma). It comes from the VIA site, which is an Asia/US Public Service and Educational Exchange Program.

Myanmar (Burma): Service Coordinator at a Private Nonprofit School at a private nonprofit school in Yangon (Rangoon), a special year-long program guides 10-15 Myanmar (Burmese) high school graduates through classroom discussions and group and individual service projects in preparation for undergraduate studies abroad. The highly competitive program includes a rigorous academic component: students attend classroom discussions from Monday through Friday on literature, comparative life cycles, philosophy, and more. Students are also required to volunteer one day a week at a local or international NGO to supplement their classroom learning. After the college application period, these volunteer activities become full-time internships.

This post is an amazing opportunity to learn about culture and society in Myanmar (Burma) through interactions with students and NGOs.

Qualifications: Ideal for volunteers who may have a background in service-learning or volunteerism. Strong academic background. Highly intellectual, inquisitive, and critical thinker. Has passionate knowledge of a particular subject (such as literature, philosophy, environment, anthropology, history, international relations) to share with students.

Role: English Resource. This is a full-time volunteer position. The volunteer is responsible for facilitating classroom discussions, helping students with the college application process, and arranging/overseeing internships.

Previous VIA volunteers have found opportunities for the students to volunteer at local orphanages and have set up a range of internship allowing students to do anything from designing artwork for an environmental organization to helping an NGO for the disabled with their newsletter. One VIA volunteer taught the student a class on yoga! Finding these opportunities will require the VIA volunteer to make contact with both international and local NGOs.

Housing: The volunteer is responsible for finding their own housing and will receive a monthly housing stipend.