I don’t know why this decision was so difficult to make: it’s one of those cliche deathbed moments, where you know that being with your sister is more important than work or money. Under what circumstances will I wish that I hadn’t stayed for the birth? None that I can think of.

I’ve extended my visit by another week, so I am not flying home until next Sunday, May 13, 2007. It’s taken the better part of today to get all those plans worked out – hope a week is all we need!

The hardest part was hearing (my admittedly dramatic) daughter weep on the phone when she heard that I wasn’t coming back for another week. But she’s in good hands and so is the puppy. And work will certainly survive without me.

The best part was hearing my sister cheer, when she heard that I was staying. The hospital and doctor are NOT inclined towards natural birth, and Joss and I will need to help her stand her ground.