Just got back from NYC yesterday; it’s a little strange to be calling this new place home, but I don’t miss the desert one bit. And it’s wonderful to be reunited with my husband. I’m sore all over though… we’ve already been on one 45 minute run and another hour run this morning.

This morning I discovered two great things within walking distance of my new house:

1. a lovely Farmer’s Market every Sunday! Beautiful, fresh, organically grown veggies and fruits at my doorstep – this is going to make a radical difference in our diets.

2. The Original Pancake House. Wow. We heard the hype and we saw the line outside of people waiting, but Chad was sceptical: “Yeah, this is an urban area – I’m sure there’s people standing outside IHOP too, but that doesn’t mean the food is any good.” Well, Chad’s brother treated us to breakfast there and, if you come and visit, BE SURE TO CONVINCE US TO TAKE YOU THERE. It is great and well-worth the wait. Everything is homemade using top-quality ingredients. We ordered two vegetarian omelets (oven-baked, like souffles), homemade corn beef hash (which comes with 4 latkes!), and strawberry crepes. Everything was delicious. Even the coffee was good, and the pepper was cracked, not finely ground.