Am I the only one who finds it appealing when artwork is accessed by an inconspicuous door on the street on the Lower East Side? and described as an “amusement park dreamed up by squatters” in this week’s New Yorker?

If you live in NYC, will you please drop by 117 Delancey Street before October 28 and tell me what London-based Mike Nelson’s first major American installation is like?

For a sneak preview and short interview, check this story at

I might also want to see Kohei Yoshiyuki’s photographs of couples making out in the parks of Toyko – and the peeping Toms who were spying on them. (Milo, 525 W. 25th st)

And Andrea Zittel’s dresses at Inglett, 534 W.  22nd St. We saw Zittel this weekend – having breakfast at Crossroads in Joshua Tree like we were. She was wearing one of her dresses – one that you wear exclusively for one entire season. Zittel has a great motto: Liberation through limitation.