I am draggin’ these last few days. I don’t know if it’s just the Daylight Saving (which I hate, hate, hate) or my pre-menopausal period dragging on. I know, I’m young to be talking about pre-menopause (39), but I’m saying that to reassure myself that my body’s antics are normal until I can get in to see a doc.

Bella’s in her room talking excitedly about a boy. Chad and his bro are downstairs watching BattleStar Galactica with Giselle, and I – – I have just enough energy to post a movie review before collapsing in bed.

Chad and I caught Gone Baby Gone a few weeks back, and while I thought it was good movie, I would certainly not recommend it to everybody. In fact, had I known the subject matter (involves child molestation as a theme) I probably would have steered very very clear of it. My policy these days is not to watch a movie that contains those sick images that replay in your head. Unfortunately, I already have a few too many of those clips in my head (namely the rape scenes in movies like Last Exit to Brooklyn and Leaving Las Vegas) and I know too well that once they get into my brain, they have a hard time finding their way out.

Not to scare you off, because there is only the innuendo of child molestation – but there is one instance of very strong innuendo.

But if you can hack it, this movie written and directed by Ben Affleck is getting amazingly high reviews at the Internet Movie Database (imdb 8.2/10.o)  Them there are Oscar-reaching stats. Starring a silent-type tough boy local detective, played by Affleck’s very own younger brother, Casey, this movie is ostensibly about a little girl who’s been kidnapped from her own bedroom, and the couple who are hired to find her. Very similar in feel to Clint Eastwood’s Mystic River, Affleck uses the hometown friendly hood as a backdrop to uncover lifetimes of disappointment and the tragic attempts to make it all right. Speaking of which, Mystic River is rated 8.0/10.0 at imdb and won two Oscar’s in 2003. I was impressed by the steady pace of the storyline – Ben did a nice job keeping the tension just so, without rushing or too many theatrics. In fact, my only complaint is that one nasty shudder-in-the-gut clip; I thought it was over the top and unnecessary – without it I would have given this movie an A.