Today I had my appointment with a midwife for a pelvic exam. I answered many questions, I had a physical exam, I had blood drawn, and I scheduled a lower abdomen ultrasound.

The last thing the midwife asked me to do was to pee in a cup and use the pipette to drop a couple drops of pee on a pregnancy test, to rule out pregnancy. One line, she informed me was a negative result. Two lines was a positive. She said, We’ll wait a bit and see if a second line appears, because sometimes the pregnancy hormones are low, then she left me alone in the bathroom.

I peed. I dropped a few drops of pee and interestedly watched the pee climb the blotter strip. One line appeared immediately. A second line appeared almost simultaneously.

Apparently I’m not pre-menopausal, but six to eight weeks pregnant.


It is possible that I could be miscarrying; however, the midwife said it was not abnormal to spot during the first trimester.

I will have more blood drawn on Saturday to determine whether the pregnancy is progressing or not: If the pregnancy is “sticking,” then my hormones level will have increased and vice versa if I am in the process of miscarrying. I think I am okay either way – that is, DUMBFOUNDED.