No news on the pregnancy front until I have more blood drawn, either tomorrow or Monday.

The pregnancy does explain many things; my sudden narcoleptic tendencies, for one. Yesterday during my lunch break I climbed into the back seat of my car and snoozed soundly for a half hour, then last night while walking by my bed around seven I abruptly swerved to lie down – and then fell asleep for the rest of the night. This is all after a good eight hours of sleep the previous night, but I guess my body is craving something closer to twelve hours.

My sudden change in taste had been inexplicable as well. I nearly blew Chad’s mind last week when I said I was going to order the Dutch Baby (glorified oversized baked crepe smothered in powered sugar, lemon, and strawberries) instead of my usual homemade corned beef hash.

And now I understand my rash of stomach-aches that I had been attributing to too much dairy.

Two days ago I was still trying to suck my belly in, exclaiming over my thickening waistline. I was making my body image fit my own conception of myself. Today, I am not just me uninterrupted, but an expanding breeder with a changing outline.