I have no excuses for not writing the last week, except that I simply fell out of the habit. And I can’t believe how easy that was.

Perhaps it was the reality that after a year+ blogging daily that while my daily hits are respectable and hold steady, I am nowhere near my original goal of 5,000 hits per day that gave me pause. Or it could be just as my dad has always said, Nothing is harder than doing something every single day. Even just making a scrunched up face for five seconds becomes a Herculean feat if made every single day. (That’s the example my dad always used.)

Still, I’ve decided to continue with attempting a post a day through 2008 and see where it leads me. Because, even if my fingers don’t make it to the keyboard, my mind never stops posting, and holding a week’s worth of post ideas in my brain is making me see cross-eyed.

But, speaking of goals, back in August 2007, at Songbae’s recommendation, I set five goals for January 2008 (two personal, two business, one health). Now it’s time for me to revisit them and set my goals for April 2008:


1.  Although I have still not emptied every single MISC. box from last summer’s move, I have come pretty darn close. And so it continues: Empty every single MISC. pile from under my desk (where they got shoved moments before my parents arrived).

2. I’m still working on emptying my inbox weekly, but I prefer to set a non-GTD (Getting Things Done) goal this time: See art once a week. Schedule it. Tomorrow will be my first art day of 2008 as Bella and I are headed into Beverly Hills to get our hairs done (Bella’s getting her hair colored, I’m not – talk about generation gap.)

1. I’ve hit my goal of making at least $1000/month writing, but upon reconsideration that original goal was not specific enough. Yes, I am making extra money writing, but I am writing about canes and inns, neither of which are very interesting to me. Plus I am writing all promotional material, which as another free-lance writer informed me, is anathema to a prospective editor employer. My new goal: Add 1-2 published clips to my paltry pile, so I can get on with my real goal of being a free-lance writer.

2. 5,000 hits per day is too much of a reach at the moment, I think. I have trouble even promoting womantalk, because I keep anticipating that I will write about art much more than I really do. So first, I need to set up a second blog that deals more with art; but in order for it to be very closely connected to womantalk, I’d like for it open up at the same time as womantalk.org. I’m talking about having a split personality blog with TWO TABS on top, like how Mozilla and now Internet Explorer, let you tab between different web pages. My tangible goal is to pay to host womantalk.org and set up the second art blog, which I’ve played around with here.


1. Well, I’m certainly not thinking about losing weight anymore; it’s all about the baby’s health now and me and Chad getting mentally and emotionally prepared. By April, I plan to finish both the baby books I’ve started reading (Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin and The Pregnancy Book by William and Martha Sears) and to be enrolled in a Bradley Method class.