I spent a bit of time in Bangkok hunting for a very specific knock-off purse that Bella wanted but never really came close. That is, she wanted a large slouchy Coach purse and I brought her schoolgirl-style Louis Vuitton bookbag. The thing is, while street shopping in Bangkok can be wondrous and surprising, it is not great for looking for specific items, especially designer purses from this season.

But, the Los Angeles fashion district (Wall and 11th) coughed up what we were looking for. Besides which, I think the girls didn’t hate the Murakami show at the Geffen – and that’s pretty good considering we spent 1 1/2 hours there.

The fake purse pictured cost $35 of Bella’s own hard-earned babysitting cash. We learned belatedly that we could have gotten a better deal, but she was afraid we wouldn’t see that style again. (Of course we saw it at a dozen more stores before the day was through…) We found it on Santee Alley, just south of Olympic.