I remember when I first got a small cell phone, a friend of mine who had once been a cop, cautioned me that I should never hold it against my head to talk, but that I should always, always use a head set. He said that as a cop, he and his unit had been issued brand new car phones – ones that were considerably smaller than the ones they had been using. Although the new car phones were purported to be safe he said that within six months all of them had been recalled because of the number of thigh burns the policemen had suffered from holding the cell phones in their laps.

That was all long ago I’m sure, but I still wonder about the safety of cell phones against the head and use my headset as much as I can.

This article that Chad sent me sends chills down my spine and I think I might have to try it sometime. A person fully cooked an egg by holding it between two active cellphones for over an hour. I grabbed the picture from the site – clicking on it will take you to the same article.

Of course, this Reuters article from msnbc.com says something completely contradictory: new studies from Japan are continuing to show that cell phones do not increase your chances of brain cancer.

Well, we’ll have to try cooking the egg – because if the egg gets cooked it can’t be that good for your brain, just like we all know that Coca Cola can dissolve a tooth or clean a car battery.

Anybody want to talk for an hour or so? Chieun?