My internet connection has been  intermittent this last week or so, making it pretty pretty tough to post regularly. (Notice that I don’t mention that I am already halfway through the second season of Battlestar Galactica… if we were really BSG junkies we would name our daughter “Caprica”…)

I pulled the old crock pot out today for the corned beef we bought at Costco this morning.

All I did was throw the corned beef into the crock pot with water and turn it on for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, I added new baby red potatoes and half head of green cabbage, chopped. At dinner we pulled the meat out, carved it up and had the soup with rice. The meat comes pre-spiced, so I didn’t even add anything beyond those veggies from the farmer’s market.

And although Bella thought the whole thing smelled gross (what’s new?), the rest of us liked it very well. And now I get to have corned beef sandwiches for the rest of the week.

We walked in the rain around the lake and everything was very green, chilly, and damp. It made me think of Ireland. I’ve never been there, but I’d like to take a long walking trip there some day.