I had really and completely forgotten how time-consuming a new little pup can be. Christian Holden is very easy-going, but he sure poops a lot. Here he is, freshly diapered. We love the lambskin (thanks Sue!) and the pattern on his receiving blankie (thanks Laura!) I am slowly transitioning into using cloth diapers.

Here’s him with his dad. Awwww.

Wait, can you see how Christian has his arm tucked up under his head? And check out that curvy upper lip. Just like his dad’s.

They may not have considered this possibility, but these two men will be probably be major role models for Christian! (There’s another uncle, but I’m not allowed to post his pic…)

And of course with Giselle (in lieu of a pic with Bella…)

Please note that all these photos were taken on a bed. See, I’m taking it easy!