I missed my nap today because I got too caught up in the craigslist world.

I had no idea that craigslist was this massive moving freeway of exchange and that once I jumped on I would be hurtled down a path of transferred goods and tons of cyber communications. Previously I had lived in too remote a community (Joshua Tree) to really make good use of a cyber network like craigslist, which depends on a certain urban density to function well. Then since we’ve moved here to Laguna Niguel – well, we’ve been mostly strapped for cash, besides which we already have more than we need – so I haven’t had occasion to play around on craigslist much. I take that back; we recently used craigslist to find our new apartment, just not to buy or sell anything.

Since we are moving into a smaller place we have been puzzling over how to best get rid of a few now undesirable pieces of furniture:

a used queen mattress and box spring set

a brand new full-size box spring (no mattress)

a dumpy computer desk

part of an old sectional sofa

my gigantic corner desk (6′ from corner to each end)

We had posted the queen box spring on freecycle months ago with no response whatsoever. Then we posted the queen mattress and box spring together, again on freecycle, with still no response. We were basically thinking we were going to have to pay the garbage company to haul the stuff away, when Chad suggested the free section of craigslist, because undoubtedly more people were cruising through there than the Laguna Niguel freecycle group. He was right.

Before lunch time I had placed ALL the things I had posted earlier this same morning (with the exception of my desk)- with backup people for each item as well. Actually nothing has been taken yet, but people with trucks are supposed to start arriving in droves this evening. And surprisingly, the least appealing item, the used queen bed set, has gotten the most response. Everything was listed for free, except for my desk ($150).

I even responded to a couple of the posts in the free section – heck, it was too tempting. I responded to free Wild River tickets (local water park), and the guy emailed me back saying that I was the first person of fifteen to respond to his post within six minutes. An hour later he reposted saying that he had had over 70 responses, and that he was going to get back to everyone as soon as he could.


I wish I had been the first person to respond to the post for a free 32″ plasma TV (he won it in a raffle and was getting deployed in three days). By the time I called his voice mail box was FULL.