I’ve seen whoop-ass, London smog, alligator meat in a can – why has nobody ever told me that heaven also comes in a can?

How to make Heaven in a Can: Peel the label off one can of sweetened condensed milk. Boil the can for 4-5 hours (yes, in a pan of water). Let the can cool. Open the can. Voila – heavenly, creamy CARAMEL SAUCE!

I experienced this bizarre recipe yesterday at my (new) friend Sierra’s house. All I can say is, don’t invite anybody over because you’ll want to eat the entire can yourself.

I have a can bubbling on the stove at this very minute.

Here is a link to the same recipe on another blog, where it’s not called caramel, but dulce de leche and is used as an icing on chocolate cupcakes. Check it out here.