Unleashed like Peter Pan’s unruly shadow, Park Sung-Tae’s aluminum screen, raised relief stallions buck across the wall, the unwoven screening wire creating startlingly realistic waving horse manes and tails. The horses are stylistically similar to the equine figures depicted in traditional Korean ink brush paintings and are quite arresting – and sellable – especially when presented in a long horizontal acrylic box as the one to the right of the door; however, the work with human figures demands more contemplation and looking, even if they don’t catch the eye as quickly as the writhing shapes of horses. The largest work (all are untitled) is comprised of nearly a dozen ghostly apparitions suspended between the floor to the ceiling by gossamer fishing line and hooks. The strange shadows cast on the wall merge with the actual substance of the piece, creating a lingering tension between what is and what is not. (PYO Gallery LA, Downtown).