We celebrated last night by polishing off a bottle of champagne, eating leftover Halloween chocolate, and by watching Get Smart (surprisingly funny! B+; IMDb 7.0/10.0).

And believe it or not, after that kind of festivity, my uneasy stomach is settled. I hadn’t realized how worried I had been. Like Chad’s library patron the other day: Chad reassured an elderly patron that Obama was well ahead in the polls. The library patron barked, “I still remember Dewey!” Even more, I think as an Asian minority I’ve always suspected that Americans are, as a whole, much more racist than my friends believe (they, after all, have never had “White Power!” shouted in their face…) – but I am glad to be so resoundingly proved wrong in this case.

And enough with the signs already. Here in Orange County we were bombarded with yellow signs telling us to vote yes on Prop 8. Please, can we just let people marry whom they please?! I’m sure it’s really more an issue of corporate money: insurance companies, terrified that they will have to pay out benefits for gay spouses, funding a supposedly moral issue.

In any case, here are some signs I actually enjoyed. This is an installation by Patrick Hebert currently at OCMA for the 2008 California Biennial.