Kate Savage, 2008

Kate Savage's Dream of You (2008)

Channeling the surreal energy of Magritte and de Chirico, the paintings and drawings in the group show, “Secret Narratives,” offer odd dreamscape images peopled by deadpan dolls riding ostriches and buck-naked ladies on zebras. The work on the walls by Kate Savage and Elise Roedenbeck complement each other, not just in the way they capture the way a fragment of a childhood perception clings to the adult mind, but also with the wordplay in the titles (You Walrus Hurt The One You Love, a doll being dragged along by the tooth of a nonchalant walrus; and A Modest Lesson, an inked crocodile with a single arm hanging out of a mouth full of clenched teeth.) The woven installation in the center of the room makes reference to less child-like narratives, but still invites a certain wondering about the six women who sat and loomed this Cone of Power which extends up and through the ceiling of the gallery some thirty feet above (Phyllis Stein, Los Angeles).