The finished pig with tail.

The finished pig with tail.

We had a joint playdate (diaperfree+attachment parenting meetup) in Irvine today – yes, the OC town where two kids have been diagnosed as having the dreaded swine flu. But as with all but one of the American cases of the illness, the kids recovered, and even returned to school today.

We practiced good “social distancing” (my brother introduced me to that term) and refrained from hugs and kisses today. I didn’t even bring snacks to share, which is not normal behavior for me. Christian was so into climbing and walking that he barely paid any attention to the other kids today, which made it easier to keep him from sucking on other people’s toys.

Less reassuring: hearing that my sister’s Oxford research unit in Bangkok has mandated eight days of house quarantine for anybody traveling back from the States or Mexico. And the international airport in Bangkok has instituted heat detectors; any deboarding passenger with an elevated body temp is whisked off to the hospital for further examination.

The main organizer of the attachment parenting meetup sent around an email with some online swine flu resources I thought I’d share here, plus the CDC  link  for updates.

Attachment parenting expert, Dr. Sears, offers his guidance.
Some insights from another AP friendly physician, Dr. Jay Gordon
A one hour interview with Dr. J. Williams, expert on viral immunity.

CDC link for updates.

An unsettling picture that I've already received several times in the last 48 hours.