Another one of Devanas beautiful nature tables

Another one of Devana's beautiful nature tables

We’re meeting tomorrow to start thinking seriously about the logistics of hosting a playgroup and hopefully to practice some of the songs.

Here’s the planning sheet I whipped up. Videotaped segments of the songs and all the lyrics will follow shortly.

Waldorf Playgroup Planning Worksheet

• Which wooden and open-ended toys can stay out?
• Which plastic and battery-operated toys should be put away?
• What items need to be covered (TV, computers…)
• What will I use to cover items?
Outside Time: Where will the children play?
Opening Circle: Where will the circle be?
Circle Songs (General Guide):
Follow Follow Me (coming into the circle from outside)
Now Look Around We’ve Made a Ring (standing)
One seasonal (sitting)
Rinka Ranka Rosie Ray (standing)
Three seasonal (standing, sitting, standing)
Crisscross Applesauce (on the back)
Examples of songs to use: On My Head My Hands I Place; Five Little Peas; Fishes are Like Wishes; Little Flower; Dot, Dot, Dot. Do I know any songs I want to introduce to the group?
Opening Up Room:  What will I use to cover the toys?
Playtime:  What areas will be designated for play? What will I work on this summer?
Clean up:  Learn Dusty Gnome song. Are my toys organized in a child-friendly manner? (Baskets on low shelves are ideal.)
Hand washing:  Learn handwashing song. What containers will I use? Where will I set up the handwashing station?
Snack time:  What grain will I serve? Where will we eat? Do I have 12 bowls, 12 glasses,  12 spoons? Where will the assistant cut the fruit salad that the children bring? Which blessing will I say?
Outside Time:   Where?
Story time: What will I use to create a story scene? What will I use to cover it up? What special rhyme or song will I use to introduce the story? Will I light a candle or ring a bell? Do I have a rainbow cloth or something to put between the children and the story scene?
Free Play:  Do I have anything else I want to do with the children?
Closing Circle:  Closing song?