These are the lyrics to all the songs Devana Came sang during the course of her two-hour demo Waldorf Parent-Toddler Playgroup. We’re going to be practicing and learning them tomorrow at the park. (Devana runs a home-based Waldorf kindergarten and preschool in Corona called The Garden of Enchantment.)

Some of these songs are specifically geared towards springtime, so a few of them will be changed out for the fall.

In general the songs in the circle before playtime will follow this pattern:

Follow follow me (walking into home from outside to form ring)

Now Look Around, we’ve made a ring (standing)

1 – seasonal (sitting)

Rinka Ranka Rosy Ray (standing)

3 – seasonal (standing, sitting, standing)

Crisscross applesauce (sitting)

Follow, follow me
To the ring of the fairies
Follow, follow  me,
Where the fairies dance and sing.
Gather with now
All the magic you can carry,
As we circle ‘round the dancing fairy ring.

Now look around
We’ve made a ring
By holding hands you see.
Yes, here I am,
And there you are,
Together we are we.

Fishes like wishes
Are magic you see,
They slipses and swishes
Thru waters so free.

A little flower lays asleep in his bed.
A warm sun is shining over head.
Down came the rain dancing to and fro.
The little flower awakens,
And now begins to grow.

Rinka ranka rosy ray.
Welcome, welcome, golden day.
I can skip and I can hop.
I can turn and I can stop.
I can dance and I can sing,
With my friends we form a ring.

Ring around the roses,
A pocket full of posies.
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.
The cows are in the meadow
Eating buttercups
Ashes, ashes
We all stand up.

On my head my hands I place,
On my shoulders, on my face.
On my lips and by my side,
Quickly behind me they will hide.
I can hold them way up high
And let my fingers gently fly
I can hold my hands in front of me
And clap 1-2-3.

Here is a beehive
Where are all the bees?
Hidden inside
Where no one can see
Here they all come
1-2-3-4-5 buzzzzzzzzz – They’re alive.

Dot, dot, dot
And a big question mark.
Little spiders crawl up your back
Little spiders crawl down your back
Little spiders crawl up your arms
Little spiders crawl down your arms
Cool breeze, tight squeeze.
Egg on the head and the yolk drips down.
Creepy crawlies, creepy crawlies…


Crisscross applesauce
Spiders crawling up your back
Spiders crawling down your back
Oops, one bit ya
Tight squeeze,
Cool breeze.
Now you’ve got the ticklies.

The Story Song
Anything can happen
In a fairy tale or rhyme
When you say the magic words
Once a upon a time

OR I like this one from raw mom’s blog:





Handwashing Song (sung in the mood of the 5th)
Time to wash our hands,
Time to wash our hands

Welcome, welcome
Welcome to our table
Welcome, welcome
We all join hands together. (We sing this until every one is sitting)
Snack Time Blessing
Earth who gives to us this food.
Sun who makes it ripe and good.
Sun above and earth below,
Our loving thanks to you we show.
Blessings on our meal.

Clean-up Song
I met a little dusty gnome
Who says it’s time to clean our home
Clean our home
Clean our home

Goodbye Circle
Who will come to my wee ring?
My wee ring
My wee ring
Who will come to my wee ring?
And make it a little bit bigger?

The earth stands firm beneath my feet. The sun shines high above. Here I stand, so straight and strong – all things to know and love

I can turn myself and turn myself and stop me when I will. I can reach high on my tippy toes and hold myself quite still.

Goodbye now, goodbye now.
We leave you now
And off we go
Goodbye now
Goodbye to all of you.
Thank you for coming.

Rainbow Bridge Song
Goodbye, goodbye
Blessing on your way.
May the sun shine bright
In your hearts today.

**See clips of Devana singing most of these songs here**