It’s eight in the morning and we’re going to try and pull out of here by nine. Good luck with that one – Songbae’s just pulled up with all his worldly possessions stuffed into, now Bella’s, car, and we’re tossing it all into the garage.

Chad cooked us a lovely breakfast that’s steaming and waiting for us on the table.

Songbae has a suitcase I’m supposed to transfer a bunch of stuff into.

And we’ve yet to pack the two bottles of wine and block of Jarlsburg…

But before I hop on a plane to fly to the other side of the world, I wanted to direct you to some posts I’ve really appreciated in the last week.

For instance, when I read my friend Nathen’s post about his dad here, I cried a little. It’s not every day you hear someone praise their dad so highly. And if you want to get a good sense of Nathen’s highly developed sense of compassion, read his story about trying to save a duckling here.

And while I enjoy soulsmama’s posts all the time, here is one that made me chuckle. It’s about decompressing with creativity after a hectic day, and then having that bit of creativity cherished by your child.

Here is the first part of Dooce’s labor story. I found her 180 degree turnaround from drug-insistent mother to natural homebirth mama, well – hilariously told and very gratifying.

Whoops, I had more to share, but we’re now 15 minutes away from leaving the house. Better shut the computer down.

See you from the other side of the pond!