Our plan is to eat crepes for brunch and then hit Chattachuk market, the largest in Bangkok – one of those sprawling beasts of a marketplace where everything and anything can be found. It is the source, or just one step beyond the manufacturers in China. Sue suggested going there first thing, as it’s the kind of place against which everything else can be measured.

However, Sue and Joss went to a good friend’s 40th birthday party last night (I offered to stay home with the kidlets) and um, well, let’s just say that I was surprised that Sue was walking when she came through the front door this morning at 3 am. The stream of delirium and giggles coming from her mouth were like a caricature of drunkenness.

I think it’ll all happen, but just a little later than we planned.

In the meantime, Bella’s scooting around the apartment with the little brother while I sneak away for a post. It’s Christian’s favorite pastime here, and the first day he actually fell asleep in sitting in front of me WHILE we were scooting. I know some of you think I’m off on an exciting adventure, but in reality I spend an hour or so every day doing this. see below: