This is about how it goes when my family gets together.
Tomorrow is a doctor’s appt for Noi naa, facials at the Banyon Hotel for Sue and I, and then the British Club at night for swimming and a casual dinner.
Wednesday is probably MBK (the mall for Bella) and my parents arrive Thursday at 11 pm (so some downtime before they arrive).
Friday we may check out the Jim Thompson House.
Saturday we leave for Kanchanaburi by train (stay at a hotel on a riverboat, see the River Kwai, parents golf, and Bella can ride elephants in the jungle) until Tuesday. Celebrate Thai Mother’s Day on Wednesday (buffet at the British club) and visit the floating market on Thursday. They leave Friday back to Korea.
Saturday Sue leaves for Durban, South Africa for a conference.
Option: Joss, Songbae, Noi naa, Bella, me and Christian head to Ko Phi Phi for the weekend back by Tuesday.
Bella flies back to LAX by herself Wednesday (because the next day she flies to NYC for a week with her best friend!)
Sue gets back Saturday.
Sometime between the 24th to the 26th, Joss goes to Laos for a photography job. Songbae will accompany. Sue and I will be here on our own with the kidlets (although she’ll be working during the day).
Christian and I leave to go back home August 28th.

Work sends Sue (and Joss and Noi naa) to Maesot by the Burmese borders to the camps and Songbae will accompany (31st to the 2nd).
Then Sue teaches three days in a row.
That’s August and just behind.

Songbae leaves for Nepal (will be there for his 40th birthday).
Sue and Joss and family will head to the UK for the month where Joss will celebrate HIS 40th birthday.