When I first visited Sue here in Bangkok, I was overwhelmed and had trouble picking things out in the landscape. Like when Sue waved her hand over to this side of the street and said, “Oh that’s our favorite coffee shop” I couldn’t even tell what might be considered a coffee shop. It turned out to be that small roofed A-frame in the foreground that I can see easily now.

We had club sandwiches there for lunch yesterday. But made with a fried egg instead of chicken and served with a sweet mustard dipping sauce. Sue’s showing off her fresh pedicure. Christian had made about a dozen Thai friends by the end of the meal.

We nearly always stop and peek into a shop or two on the way home. Who could help it when one-of-kind cute tops are sold for a few dollars? You wouldn’t know it by the mannekins though.

She may look hot and sweaty, but Bella has been quite pleased with her finds.

And when Christian gets tired of the shopping, he sleeps. With this much family around, there are always arms willing to hold him. (In the background there is a banana pancake maker drizzling condensed milk over a few fresh pancakes.)