Snow White, 2005

Snow White, 2005 by Aya Kato

The group exhibition, Redefining the Line: Art Nouveau & the Female Figure, feels like the fond gaze of Art Nouveau’s forebears (Mucha, Klimt, Beardsley, Gaudi) on their modern day grandchildren, although the irony is that the nature of pen and ink drawings of the female form – however much tweaked by 21st century software – still seems sweetly antiquated, in light of the dizzying array of objects and actions that huddle together under the vast umbrella of contemporary art today. The best work here gives itself up to the pyschedelic doodle and Japanese manga/animé influence as in Aya Kato’s giclée and silkscreen prints on the back wall. Comic book collectors and record album cover appreciators will especially enjoy this show (Cal State Fullerton, Orange County).