We’ve just completed one full cycle of our Waldorf in the Woods playgroup and the second cycle starts this Thursday.


My intent was to ride the momentum of the first cycle through the start of the second cycle, since I know from experience how easy it would be to just drop the ball in between cycles – but then last night I realized, WAIT! There are new songs and handplays to learn! A new puppet show! And I’m hosting in three days! And I have to teach them to everyone!

I don’t think it’s as bad as that, as I’ve been learning and memorizing the lyrics and melodies as I’ve been finding them and playing them on various keyboards and pianos in south orange county. I do have to make sure that I know the proper order and that I have all the elements of my puppet show created this week.

Just performance jitters.

But a brag moment to take my mind off of that. We made a terrific range of crafts this first cycle. I made even say that the craft-making has been an unexpected pleasure and highlight of our weekly playgroup.

Here are some photos to show you what we made (there were eight in all):

The very first craft: the owl finger puppet to go with the owl poem we recited at circle time.

Corn husk people - from fresh corn husks!

Finger puppets that were claimed by kids literally as the last thread was being cut...

Okay, this is Devana's gnome...ours didn't turn out AS cute, but they were still pretty cute.

The jesters we made (from Feltcraft) were a big hit with the kids. The jingle bell on the tip of his hat is especially sweet.

We needlefelted our own pumpkin pin cushions.

We decorated beeswax candles with (more) beeswax. (Although we didn't use a particular craft kit, they can be purchased at a Child's Dream.)

The walking finger puppet was our most ambitious and last project. General instructions came from the book, Feltcraft.

These chickens were not technically a group craft, but every mom knit her own to tell the story of The Little Red Hen.

Sierra's full cast for The Little Red Hen...

And a here's a preview of one of next cycle's crafts - this pocket baby is SO SWEET!