No need to worry, my  politics have not u-turned in the middle of the night. I am not a supporter of Sarah Palin.

A day or two ago I posted about Penelope Trunk’s blog admiring a post or two of hers upon the recommendation of a friend. Come to find out that she thinks Sarah Palin is “brave” and “smart” and a few concerned people (including my rather shocked husband) asked me what the heck I was thinking when I sent them over to her site.

For this I apologize and issue a complete retraction of that post. It’s been deleted. Can we put it behind us now?


Just back from my Knit Pig Meetup, which was smaller than anticipated because of a local outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Virus (yuck).

Because so many people had wanted to attend the meetup, I had shifted the location of the playdate from my small living room to the woodsy spot in the Laguna Niguel Regional Park by shelter 11 that I’m so fond of. I was impressed that four mamas showed up, even having to walk in 10 minutes from the car. It was a walk-in playdate, like hike-in camping.

The parameters of attachment parenting and craft and being outside attracted a especially pleasant crowd of moms (and dads) this morning, and our conversation went in a lot of crafty directions. We talked about an article in Mothering Magazine that I had meant to post about last month; it was  called, “Crafty Mamas” – “Everyday objects are elevated to the sublime in the art and blogs of five creative women.”

The featured blog, SouleMama, is amazing! Amanda Blake Soule unschools her four children in Maine and cherishes the hand- and homemade object. She enjoys her kids fully and the way she photographs and writes about them reveals the loving and calm way she is raising them. Her book, The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections, was recently published.  I find myself wandering over to SouleMama often. And when I’m not there, I think about her and her family, and their lifestyle; she is really a source of inspiration.

The other four bloggers in the article (I haven’t gotten past SouleMama yet…) are Amy Karol at angry chicken; Eren San Pedro at The Vintage Chica; Sally Shim at Shim and Sons; and Stephanie Congdon Barnes. All five make rather than buy practically everything their families need. The article was written by Jean Van’t Hul, a freelance writer who also blogs about art and parenting at artfulparent. While I’ve provided all the links here, I do recommend you take a peek at the article in a hard copy of the magazine if you can, because the many photographs are lovely.

I want to be on that list!

[Update: Another confirmed case of Hand, Foot and Mouth virus in the group and Christian woke up with a fever today… : ( ]

Finally after lots of noise from the peanut gallery, my college buddy Tiff, put a bunch of her recipes over at a new blog just for her recipes called, Cooking with Mama T (her brother’s suggestion – pretty cute name, eh?)

She’s a smart stay-at-home mom who makes yummy things for her two adorable girls and husband (also adorable – I can say that since I practically introduced the two of them back on the seventh floor of Molson Hall). Since she’s Canadian with a British background there’s some more English stuff thrown in for good measure (like mince meat pie).

I’ve added a link to it under my “Eaten” page, but I was so surprised and excited to see it tonight that I wanted to give it a little shout out to the world.

Fresh Apple Cookies - dont you just want one now?

Fresh Apple Cookies - don't you just want one now?

A blog called Nathen’s Miraculous Escape was born yesterday on Nathen’s 37th birthday. You may know him and want to check it out. You may not know him and still want to pop over there.

I remember once a friend chuckling when I arrived on his doorstep for a visit with an armload of books – he said, Jeannie you always come ready to share the new ideas you’re investigating!

Nathen is one of those people for me. I am frequently exposed to new ideas through him. For instance, he was the first (but not the last!) person to tell me about David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Jeff Campbell’s Speed Cleaning, and Danny Dryer’s Chi Running.

He is also an excellent reference on many topics of interest to me: unschooling, swing dancing, music, peer counseling, community living … to name just a few. Nathen’s a real thinker and serious investigator, so when he tackles a subject of interest he does so thoroughly and with sincere curiousity.

Did I mention that he’s a dear friend of both mine and my husband’s? (Nathen is one of Chad’s oldest childhood friends and he gave a moving toast honoring Chad at our wedding reception.) He’s even a good friend to Bella – when she was little she once tearfully asked me, Do you think he’ll wait for me to grow up so we can get married?

I look forward to watching his new blog grow.

Nathen with baby Christian about a month ago.

Nathen with baby Christian about a month ago.

For those of you like me, who were dismayed when Laura’s blog, blue heliotrope, dropped off the radar, she’s back, reborn as a mother; blog name: il piccolino.

Laura and I wrote and illustrated countless stories together as kids and then, as now, reading her turns of phrase make me jealous! (And want to read more…)

When I gets like this I can’t even look my computer in the face when I come into the room.

Just generally feeling under the weather: mopey and moody. Today we saw Juno in the theater, which was great, but I cried, no bawled would be a better word, through the whole thing, even the funny parts. Then the rest of the day I kept bursting into tears, just plain feeling sorry for myself – until I had the sense to crawl back into bed for a long afternoon nap. And when I feel like this it’s hard to write it up.

Rest of the time, we’re cleaning house (folks arrive on Thursday), holing up to watch the 4th season of The Wire, and sneaking out to do tiny bits of Christmas shopping.

I’ll be be back tomorrow – I was tagged by a meme – so I’ll post on that.

Okay, it’s a bit of a joke. I thought it was pretty cool how the folks over at Apartment Therapy did a feature on Heather Armstrong’s, a.k.a., blogging workspace and I happened to have a couple of completely unposed pics of my blogging workspace that Bella took.

Now I am not so nearly interior-designer minded as dooce, but what the heck. I mean I’m wearing a twenty-year-old Pingry sweatshirt and my desk (in the corner of the master bedroom) is a mess; isn’t this what most people really look like while blogging?

  Giselle wants to be there, I promise.

And from further away, more is revealed.

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